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Remembering That The Oklahoma City Bombing Was A False Flag

April 19, 1995 was truly a day of infamy. As with so many of the false flags of history, justice has not been served.

Bill Clinton had the first World Trade Center bombing, Muslim group blame, and then the OK City Murrah building bombing, blamed on "lone nut" terrorist Tim McVeigh and the patriot movement. Getting by with these set the stage for the Bush Administration 9/11 false flag.

Remember getting rid of all the evidence in Oklahoma City so as to spare the victims families pain? Just like 9/11.

Obama, being so infiltrated with Clinton 'pros', is ripe for giving us the next big one.

The outsourcing for the next false flag has probably begun.
Israel comes to mind first and they will have help.

History always repeats.


Timothy McVeigh’s scowling face and orange prison jumpsuit forever changed the way Americans viewed militia members and patriots. But were he and Terry Nichols solely responsible for bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995? The answer is a resounding no.

In retrospect, OKC was a precursor to the 9-11 attacks six years later; and the similarity between these tragic events is chilling. Both were acts of state-sponsored terrorism; both utilized pre-planted explosives (i.e. controlled demolitions); and both set-up convenient patsies to take the blame. source


General Benton Partin gave an early report on this attack.

In 1995, the internet was so primitive that I got most of the information from shortwave radio 'Patriot' talk news. Parton was a fairly regular guest on these shows.
Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

Around the noon hour, Channel 4 had as their guest Dr. Randall Heather, a terrorist expert. Dr. Heather stated: "We got lucky today, if you can consider anything about this tragedy lucky. We have both of the bombs that were defused at the site and they are being taken apart. We will be able to find out how they were made, and possibly who made them. These bombs are very sophisticated high explosives with maybe a little fertilizer damped around them."

Citizens monitoring police radios heard the following conversation on the morning of the 19th: First voice: "Boy, you're not gonna' believe this!" Second voice: "Believe what?" First voice: "I can't believe it; this is a military bomb!"

When J. D. Cash, a journalist writing for the McCurtain County Gazette,, tried to interview members of the Bomb Squad, Fire Department and Police, he was generally told by potential interviewees, "I saw a lot that day, I wish I hadn't. I have a wife, a job, a family, I've been threatened, we've been told not to talk about the devices." {more}


A brief overview of the official story of the Oklahoma City bombing:

On April 17, 1995 Timothy McVeigh reportedly picked up a 20-foot Ryder truck from Elliott's Body Shop in Junction City. The truck was filled with roughly 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) of ammonium nitrate, an agricultural fertilizer, and nitromethane, a highly volatile motor-racing fuel-a mixture also known as Kinepak or ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil).
At 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995, the truck exploded in the street in front of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. About 90 minutes later, McVeigh was stopped by an Oklahoma state trooper for driving a vehicle without a license plate, who then arrested him on a firearms charge. Two days later he was charged in the bombing. His friend Terry Nichols was arrested in Kansas, and formally charged with the bombing on May 10.

There are many problems with the official story of the bombing. Let's start with McVeigh's whereabouts on April 17.

McVeigh had been filmed by a security camera at a nearby McDonald's 24 minutes before the time stamped on the truck rental agreement, wearing clothes that did not match either of the men seen at Elliott's.
There is no plausible explanation of how he traveled the mile and a quarter from McDonald's to the rental agency, carless and alone as he claims, without getting soaked in the rain.

The three people interviewed agreed John Does 1 and 2 were dry. According to Stephen Jones, who has seen the interview transcripts, it took 44 days for the FBI to convince the car rental agency owner that John Doe 1 was Timothy McVeigh. And in the end they did not dare put him on the witness stand, for fear of what might happen under cross-examination.

There is also an unanswered question with regard to the truck, namely what was the Army doing with a Ryder Truck just before the Murrah blast?

Ryder Truck IN Army Compound

The Murrah Building Cover-up (literally)

The minister who married my wife and I was in OK City right after the Murrah Building bomb(s) exploded, and he volunteered to help dig for survivors. He told of three very odd occurrences. In the first, he was required to show his ID six times before being allowed to help look for survivors. In the second, he confirmed the stories told by others that men in suits and ties were literally stepping over the wounded in their haste to gather up files and certain other items in the debris.

Lastly, and the oddest story of all, he told of more men in suits and ties taping plastic sheeting over portions of the building wreckage! The plastic sheeting used was very thin, could not possibly provide any mechanical support for the covered items, and seemed to serve no other purpose than to conceal the wrapped object from view. This story has also been confirmed by other witnesses.

Finally, a photo surfaced which confirms this story (see right).
Note at the very right edge of the photo a large piece of the building covered in shiny black plastic, partly obscured by the flat piece of floor leaning against it. Note the ladder to get a sense of the size of the covered object.

The CNN Reports of additional bombs.

PROOF there were additional explosive charges

Did agents bungle US terror bomb?


The attack claimed 168 lives and left over 800 people injured.

19 of the deaths were children.

The false flag perpetrators used the children to intensify the effect.

The image of firefighter Chris Fields removing Baylee Almon from the rubble of the once standing Alfred P. Murrah Federal government Building won the Pulitzer Prize in 1996.
The photo was taken by Charles Porter who was a 25 year old amateur photographer.

Live footage from News Networks on the OKC bombing ...
2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ...

Oklahoma City Bombing Was An Inside Job By the Criminal, Banker Run U.S. Govt.
Parts 2 ... 3

Oklahoma City Bombing What Really Happened
Parts 2 ... 3

The Forerunner to 9/11: The Oklahoma City Bombing
Parts 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6

OK City Police Officer Terrance Yeakey "suicide"

Conspiracy Files - Oklahoma City Bombing

Coverup in Oklahoma

The most direct precedent to the 9/11/01 attack was the Oklahoma City bombing. In both case most of the damage was produced by hidden explosives but blamed on a diversion. Consider this comparison:

OKC 1995 WTC 2001
collapse produced by internal explosives internal explosives
collapse explained as progressive collapse progressive collapse
diversion AMFO truck bomb 767 crashes
patsies Timothy McVeih and Terry Nichols Mohammad Atta,
absent during attack FBI and ATF personnel CEOs
evidence handling rubble buried without analysis; surveillance tapes suppressed by FBI steel recycled without analysis; Ground Zero photographs prohibited; Pentagon surveillance tapes suppressed by FBI
legislation passed in wake of Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 USA PATRIOT Act of 2001

McVeigh: The Manchurian Candidate

Interview With The Grand Juror Who Wouldn't Shut Up: The Oklahoma City Bombing Case

It's Dangerous To Know Too Much

A Morass of Unanswered Questions

Why Did Bill Clinton's National Security Council Fund ATF "Experiments" in Building Home Made ANFO Truck Bombs in 1994?

The BATF not only built and detonated these home-made vehicle bombs, they actually set up test surfaces to replicate "four of the most common roadbed types in the United States," to cause the bombs to function in an environment where the crime scene teams evidently expected to encounter such a device somewhere in America. Furthermore, video footage obtained through these secret experiments is expected to be presented as evidence in the government's case against suspects Timothy James McVeigh and Terry Lynn Nichols.
The stated intent of the Dipole Might experiments in 1994 includes making videos and computer models to "be displayed in a courtroom to aid in the prosecution of defendants" in vehicle bomb cases, according to government documents concerning the purpose of the project. The exact precedent and purpose of this activity is unclear. ATF agents started blowing up vans and cars in Spring, 1994 at the White Sands Missile Range in order to supposedly collect test data for post-blast forensics computer software packages to be issued out to National Response Team personnel when they respond to truck bombings.

Why the National Security Council would fund such an ATF project, despite the absolute rarity of the crime, has not been explained. The NSC is part of the Executive Branch and evidently mandated the ATF's funding for Dipole Might in early 1993, shortly after Bill Clinton was sworn in as President.

Count The Coincidences

1.) Although no ANFO truck bomb attacks havc occurred on U.S. soil in more than two decades, just a few months before the OKC bombing, the federal government evidently felt a need for "investigative tools and computer data" on such attacks and actually test fired a few truck loads of ANFO to learn how the crime scenc looks afterwards.

2.) According to the indictment against McVelgh and Nichols, the conspiracy to build, transport and function the Ryder Truck bomb of April 19, 1995 took more than a year to hatch. Much of this conspiracy took place in Arizona, according to the U.S. Attorney. As McVeigh and Nichols were allegedly conspiring to create such a bomb, the government now admits it was actually building, blowing up and photographing ANFO truck bombs, just one state over, in New Mexico, during this same period of time. The purpose of the activity was to insure a smooth Investigation of a crime that had not occurred in more than 23 years, but would amazingly happen within 12 months of the project's inception.

3.) Of the handful of federal ATF agents who worked on Project Dipole Might, one just happened to be outside the Alfred P. Murrah building on the morning of April 19, 1995, and not only survived the lethal blast, but actually called in the bombing to his superiors, correctly identifying it as an ANFO Lomb. (Before you consider this particular coincidence, also explain whv virtually no other OKC BATF employees were anywhere near their place of employment that morning, and in fact, none were killed or seriously injured in a terrorist bombing the government claims was directed towards them. {

Oklahoma City Bombing Witness Linked to CIA
In 2004, a declassified FBI memo obtained by an Oklahoma newspaper revealed the existence of a Southern Poverty Law Center informant connected to the Elohim City operation. “References to an informant working for the SPLC at Elohim City on the eve of the Oklahoma City bombing raises serious questions as to what the SPLC might know about McVeigh’s activities during the final hours before the fuse was lit in Oklahoma City – but which the SPLC has failed to disclose publicly, the newspaper reported.

FOIA documents establish the fact the FBI was working with the SPLC. An unclassified copy of a memorandum marked “From the Director of the FBI” contains several references to an FBI undercover operation at Elohim City before the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building and also mentions the SPLC informant.

“If I told you what we were doing there, I would have to kill you,” Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center told reporters.

The SPLC has played an instrumental role in attempting to link the militia movement to domestic terrorist activities. {
The ADL either had someone close to McVeigh, or the government was tracking him and sharing the information with the organization.

The SPLC Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995

Timothy McVeigh Died As A Soldier

30 Unanswered Questions
If the bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City was a terrorist reprisal for the Federal massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, why were no BATF or FBI agents injured? Why was EVERY BADGE-CARRYING FEDERAL AGENT absent from work at nine o'clock on a weekday morning, their offices staffed only with civilian clerical workers. {more}

Scott Horton Interviews Jesse Trentadue
Jesse Trentadue discusses the journey from investigating his brother’s “suicide” in federal custody to finding the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing, a recent court setback on FOIA requests that nevertheless revealed CIA involvement in the prosecutions of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, why the FBI must have had foreknowledge of the bombing, security video of the Murrah Building that is suspiciously edited or withheld, current Attorney General Eric Holder’s personal involvement in blocking investigations of Kenneth’s death in 1995 and how the OKC bombing is used by Democrats to browbeat militia groups and score political points. {more}

Attorney: Oklahoma City bomb tapes appear edited

Kevin Ryan reports that the the leaders of the ASCE team who volunteered to explain the WTC collapses are almost identical to the authors of the OKC Murrah Building report.

Initial ASCE team
leaders (9/14/01)
  • Gene Corley
  • Charles Thornton
  • Paul Mlaker
  • Mete Sozen
  • Other volunteers

OKC Murrah building report
  • Gene Corley
  • Charles Thornton
  • Paul Mlaker
  • Mete Sozen


An independent investigator based in Oklahoma City has made some interesting observations regarding the handling of the crime scene and the crucial evidence.
"Every time we have had a tragedy in this country, whether it's a pipe bomb going off, whether it's a plane going down, or a building blown up, in the past, the precedent has been that you go in there and you put it back together piece by piece, even the pipe bombs, to get a signature so you can understand how it was done, who did it, and if they do it again, you'll know how to catch them, plus you might be able to head it off.
"Well guess what, in Oklahoma City, they've violated every one of those precedence rules, and they still are. They are still not doing this investigation properly. Why does it need to be done? In order to find out who did it and how it was done so we can protect people's lives in the future. By asking for a proper investigation, you get away from all this conspiracy, anti-government stuff that Clinton and Congress and the press have been throwing at everyone that asks legitimate questions, questions that have always been asked before in terrorist activities. But now if you ask, you're anti-government." (Pat Breilly, Independent Investigator).
There were many people who vocally opposed the demolition of the damaged federal building; General Partin was one. "I originally tried to get Senator Nichol's office to get the National Guard in Oklahoma to do an independent investigation because I knew they were lying about what had happened," he said. "Then I turned out a technical report, this is while the building was still standing, that (report) was delivered to 75 senators and congressmen, trying to get them to take action to keep the building from coming down because I knew they would bring it down as soon as possible to cover up the evidence. A careful examination of the collapsed column bases would readily reveal a failure mode produced by a demolition charge" as compared to damage from a fertilizer bomb. This evidence would be critical in determining the cause of the damage to the building, therefore, General Partin considered it a very urgent matter to delay the demolition of the damaged structure until a careful examination could be made.
Just five days after the release of Partin's report calling for a thorough examination of the Murrah building, it was demolished. The primary evidence in this "most deadly terrorist attack" had been destroyed by the government.
One knowledgeable investigator said, "I don't know who did the damage to the federal building, but I do know who is covering it up." They not only brought down the building, they cleared out the site, they covered the entire site with dirt. They hauled the 200 tons of building wreckage to a landfill and buried the crime scene evidence. Partin further stated, "I was under the impression that it was laid out for further possible inspection, but we went over to the site and there were guards at the gate; we were not permitted to enter. We were told by people at the site that all of the material was buried." [more}

CIA Aided DOJ Prosecutors in 1995 OKC Bombing Case
‘Secret’ CIA documents withheld in FOIA suit raise more questions than they answer

Questions about foreign complicity in the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in downtown Oklahoma City for which Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were convicted, were disclosed Friday in a
ruling by US District court judge Clark Waddoups on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the CIA for the CIA's refusal to completely declassify records it has acknowledged it possesses that pertain to the case.

It is the first indication that the CIA and the Department of Justice (DOJ) worked together in the bombing investigations and prosecutions.{

The MSM has some propaganda for the 15th anniversary of the OK City bombing .....
MSNBC marks Oklahoma City Bombing anniversary with 'McVeigh Tapes: Confessions' documentary film

The two-hour documentary employs state-of-the-art computer recreations of the interview with McVeigh and his actions on and leading up to the day of the bombing.
It also provides biographical background of McVeigh’s life and the path that led to his transformation into an ‘American terrorist.’{more}

'This Week' Transcript: Former President Bill Clinton

The only point I tried to make is that when I went back and started preparing for the 15th anniversary of Oklahoma City, I realized that there were a lot of parallels between the early '90s and now, both in the feeling of economic dislocation, and the level of uncertainty people felt. The rise of kind of identity politics. The rise of the militia movements and the right wing talk radio with a lot of what's going on in the blogosphere now.
And in the right wing media, and with Oath Keepers, the 3 percenters, the -- all these people, you know, who are saying things like, "If Idaho wants to succeed from the union," the militia group out there says, you know, "We'll back them." One leader of one of these groups said that all politics was just a prelude to civil war. And then the politicians of course have not been that serious, but a lot of the things that have been said, they -- they create a climate in which people who are vulnerable to violence because they are disoriented like Timothy McVeigh was are more likely to act.
And the only point I tried to make was that we ought to have a lot of political dissent -- a lot of political argument. Nobody is right all the time. But we also have to take responsibility for the possible consequences of what we say. And we shouldn't demonize the government or its public employees or its elected officials. We can disagree with them. We can harshly criticize them. But when we turn them into an object of demonization, you know, you -- you increase the number of threats.{more}

Relaxing on Air Force One after the 1996 elections, Bill Clinton told a pool of reporters that he owed his political revival to the Oklahoma bombing.

Former President Clinton said he sees parallels in the mood of the country now and on April 19, 1995, when the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City killed 168 people while he was in the White House.
"There's the same kind of economic and social upheaval now," he told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in an interview to air Friday on "The Situation Room."
"Then, you had the rise of extremist voices on talk radio. Here, you have a billion Internet sites," Clinton said.
And although the hard-core, anti-government radicals are still a minority, "they can communicate with each other much faster and much better than they did before. The main thing that bothered us since the time of Oklahoma City was that already, there was enough use of the Internet that if you knew how to find a Web site -- and not everybody even had a computer back then, but if you knew how to find it, you could learn, for example, how to make a bomb."
"Now, everybody has got a computer; Web sites are easily accessible. And you can be highly selective and spend all of your time with people that are, you know, kind of out there with you," he continued.
Clinton said the Oklahoma City bombing -- then the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history -- was the "last in a series of very high-profile violent encounters" during the 1990s between anti-government activists and authorities.
In an interview with the New York Times on Friday, Clinton warned of the affect that angry political rhetoric might have on antigovernment radicals like Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh; he pointed to Rep. Michele Bachmann calling the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress "the gangster government" at a tax day Tea Party rally on Thursday.
"They are not gangsters," Clinton told the newspaper. "They were elected. They are not doing anything they were not elected to do." {more}

Sorry Mr. Clinton, the government is full of gangsters and you were one of them and now along with your wife continue to support the crimes and lies.

Real justice would have you in prison today for your role in the OK City bombing. And that would be just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Goldman Sachs Box Dance, and What is a Domestic Terrorist
John Paulson

UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) is actually involved in a massive cover up and an obstruction of justice scheme involving the civil charges, not criminal charges, made against the noted brokerage firm and bank, Goldman Sachs.

The civil action brought against Goldman Sachs completely ignores the criminal money laundry, counterfeit scheme and electronic front running tied to Goldman's oversees hedge fund operation aka Paulson and Associates.

John Paulson, who ran this hedge fund on behalf of Goldman Sachs, was the mastermind in the back ending aka short selling of the mortgage-backed securities, which are now commonly known as "toxic derivatives", that helped wreck the U.S. economy and bring the entire world banking system to its knees.

Translation: These mortgage-backed securities were sold to unsuspecting customers of Goldman Sachs, who received large cash proceeds from the sale, while Goldman Sachs' hedge fund, Paulson and Associates, shorted the same financial instruments in their oversees fund and raked in billions of dollars on the backs of unsuspecting customers.

There is a massive tie-in to all of these TAXPAYERS 'bail outs' of Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Citibank, who all engaged in the same criminal activity.

In short, folks, this is an outline of how the U.S. economy way looted by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate using Goldman Sachs and its Federal Reserve, and their corporate-controlled, fascist U.S. media extortion-friendly enablers.
Reference: The corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media are still financial benefactors of bribes and favors deriving from the cash proceeds and sale of these toxic, mortgage-backed securities, which still pollute 90% of the U.S. banking system.

The cash proceeds from the sale of these toxic mortgage-backed securities are still parked in secret offshore accounts. We are talking about TRILLIONS of dollars.

Individuals like Al Hunt and his wife, Judy Woodruff, now of Bloomberg News, are just two examples of corporate, fascist media filth that got rich from bribes and favors given to them by the Bush-Clinton-Goldman Sachs Crime Syndicate to do their bidding.

And, it gets worse!

John Paulson, the REAL crook in this Goldman Sachs operation, has actually been given immunity from prosecution by the Obama Justice Department and the SEC in return for his alleged cooperation in this inquiry.

Here is what this comes down to, folks.

People like John Paulson, former Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former Citibank CEO Robert Rubin, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, and J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, as well as Goldman Sachs, will get to keep most of their STOLEN money while Goldman Sachs will be used as a temporary patsy, pay a small civil fine, continue to conduct their nefarious business as usual all offshore, and then write off the civil fine that will be levied against them in a plea bargain and deduct the fine with the IRS as a tax write off.

And now if really gets worse!

The real purpose of this Obama Administration "kabuki dance" with Goldman Sachs is to cover up the activity of these criminal offshore hedge funds and their tie in to none other than the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.

We can now divulge that the Goldman Sachs hedge fund run by John Paulson was used as a money laundry for not only the cash proceeds of the sell of the toxic derivatives, but also used to launder the proceeds from the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme also involving Stephen Friedman's Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The Goldman hedge fund, along with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, moved all of these stolen funds to secret Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate accounts aka sub-trust accounts to India, Pakistan, China as well as the state of Israel with current Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu operating as bagman.

As we have reported in previous intelligence briefings, Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme clients like editor of U.S. News and World Report, Morton Zuckerman, and CNN's Larry King, and FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch, actually traveled to Israel to retrieve their investments that they had lost with Bernard Madoff.

This treasonous, criminal activity took place all during the George W. BushFRAUD Administration with the full knowledge of then Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, former illegal White House occupant, George W. BushFRAUD, then U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and former SEC Chairman Christopher Cox.

Note: The Obama Justice Department is sitting on TWENTY-FIVE (25) criminal referrals tied to the former BushFRAUD Administration, SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.

P.S. Do not be fooled, folks, by the latest corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media blitz against alleged militias and domestic terrorists.

This is nothing more than a direct attack on the American People and the patriot community for the simple fact that, thanks to internet journalists like myself and others, the American People now know too much about the massive corruption in the U.S. government that has led to the destruction of the U.S. republic.

The lynch pin for this current media psyop is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a FBI Division 5 front led by COINTEL operative Morris Dees.
Morris Dees, founder Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Dees specializes in profiling U.S. citizens, who are interested in returning the United States to its Constitutional roots, as racists and terrorists.

In other words, folks, if you believe Obama's health care plan is un-Constitutional because it gives the IRS UN-Constitutional authority to force a business to cover employees with health care, you are considered a domestic terrorist.

If you support Congressman Ron Paul, you are considered a domestic terrorist.

If you believe that the Government's version of 9/11 is a lie, you are considered a domestic terrorist.

If you believe Osama bin Laden is dead, you are considered a domestic terrorist.

If you do not believe in the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act, you are considered a domestic terrorist.

If you believe that Albert Gore Jr. is the duly elected President in the year 2000 presidential election,you are considered a domestic terrorist.

And, of course, if you do not believe in former illegal White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD's illegal, UN-Constitutional, PRE 9/11-NSA domestic spying against the American People, you are considered a domestic terrorist.

Reference: Morris Dees, a known Zionist, contracted out by the CIA to allegedly identify radical right wing extremists on U.S. soil, was actually more interested in harassing Iran-Contra whistleblowers, like my colleague Stew Webb, and then classifying them as domestic terrorists.

Dees, also a known sexual deviate, whose ex-wife testified in his divorce trial that Dees had various homosexual affairs and actually molested their step-daughter.

Dees, has been working directly with former President Bill Clinton to trumpet this propaganda about this threat from domestic terrorists.

Could it be that Bill Clinton is going public with this propaganda given the fact that he and his loser wife, dysfunctional Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, and former Citibank CEO Robert Rubin, also face criminal indictment for using the offshore Citibank hedge fund to launder STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and their MSNBC stooge Rachel Maddow need to distract the attention of the American People from these criminal Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate banks like Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan that have helped LOOT the U.S. Treasury.

The former President is once again using the Oklahoma City card as a way to attack alleged domestic terrorists aka the American People.

Remember, folks, Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing was like 9/11, a U.S. government inside job, both were scripted by rogue U.S. intelligence in the Philippines in the early 1990s. This was known as "Project Bojinka".

Remember, the individual, who was a U.S. Intelligence CIA operative, who conspired with Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing was none other than John Doe #2 aka Jose Padilla. Jose Padilla, another U.S. CIA Intelligence asset masquerading as a terrorist who has traveled through the U.S. court system for years.

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Our terrorists

Our terrorists

Voltaire Network

by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed*

The myth that Islamic fundamentalist militants are the enemies of Israel and Western governments no longer needs debunking. In his latest work, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed provides a concise summary of the deep politics of the ’War on Terror’ spanning several decades and continents. Articulated around an intricate network of chilling complicity between Western intelligence agencies and Islamist extremism, the shadowy ’War on Terror’ is designed to disrupt and destabilize regions of geostrategic value for penetration and control by Western powers.

JPEG - 25.7 kb
US and Pakistani intelligence bigwigs get chummy at a mujahidin training camp in 1987. Note then-Director of the ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) Major Gen. Hamid Gul (front left) and then-Director of the CIA William Webster (second left). Photo:

Once upon a time, the CIA trained, financed and supported Osama bin Laden and his mujahidin networks in Afghanistan to repel the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After the end of the Cold War, bin Laden turned against the West and we no longer had any use for him. His persistent terrorist attacks against us for more than a decade, culminating in 9/11, provoked our own response, in the form of the ‘War on Terror’. This is the official narrative. And it’s false. Not only did Western intelligence services continue to foster Islamist extremist and terrorist groups connected to al-Qaeda after the Cold War; they continued to do so even after 9/11.

The CIA’s jihad

The story begins in the summer of 1979, six months before the Soviet invasion, when the CIA had already begun financing elements of an emerging Islamist mujahidin force inside Afghanistan. The idea, according to former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and former CIA Director Robert Gates, was to increase the probability of a Soviet invasion, and entrap ‘the Soviets into a Vietnamese quagmire’. [1]

Osama bin Laden arrived in the country later that year, sent by then-Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki bin Faisal, where he set up the Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK) which helped finance, recruit and train mujahidin fighters. [2] Bin Laden, the MAK, and the Afghan mujahidin in total received about half a billion dollars a year from the CIA, and roughly the same from the Saudis, funnelled through Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). [3]

By around 1988, as Jane’s Defence Weekly reports, ‘with US knowledge, Bin Laden created al-Qaeda (The Base): a conglomerate of quasi-independent Islamic terrorist cells spread across at least 26 countries’. [4] US and Western intelligence agencies facilitated this process, seeing rightwing Islamist movements as a counterweight to Communist, leftwing and nationalist political trends. They supported the Saudis and other Gulf states, as well as Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan among others, in proliferating Islamist extremist institutions in far-flung countries such as Algeria, Yemen, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Funding for these activities was intertwined with the establishment of organized criminal financial centres in Malaysia, Madagascar, South Africa, Nigeria, Latin America, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Turkestan, and elsewhere. [5]

Islamism and the CIA’s destabilization doctrine

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, and in particular in 1991 when the Saudis accepted the stationing of 300,000 US troops in the country due to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Osama bin Laden reportedly turned against his former masters in Riyadh and Washington. Since then, bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist network became our enemy, targeting Western citizens and interests throughout the 1990s, culminating in the most devastating strike of all in the form of the 9/11 atrocities in the US.

Unfortunately, this is where the official story begins to break down. Because after 1991, Islamists affiliated to bin Laden and al-Qaeda continued to receive selective support from Western intelligence services. The policy was alluded to by Graham Fuller, former Deputy Director of the CIA’s National Council on Intelligence, when he stated: ‘The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvellously well in Afghanistan against the Red Army. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.’ [6]

Afghanistan, Big Oil and the Taliban

Throughout the 1990s, the selective US intelligence sponsorship of Islamist extremist networks was linked not simply to destabilizing potential Russian and Chinese influence, but further to securing US-led Western control over strategic energy reserves. When bin Laden moved from Sudan to Afghanistan in June 1996, the State Department warned that the move ‘could prove more dangerous to US interests’, granting him ‘the capability to support individuals and groups who have the motive and wherewithal to attack US interests almost worldwide’. [7] He had been offered protection by Pakistan in May on condition that he align his mujahidin forces with the Taliban. The new al-Qaeda-Taliban alliance was reportedly blessed by the Saudis. [8]

Yet as the respected Pakistani correspondent Ahmed Rashid reported, US intelligence supported the Taliban as a vehicle of regional influence at least between 1994 and 1998. This policy continued up to the year 2000, despite growing cautions. Thus, when the Taliban conquered Kabul in 1996, a State Department spokesperson explained that the US found ‘nothing objectionable’ in the event. One year later, a US diplomat commented: ‘The Taliban will probably develop like the Saudis… There will be Aramco (consortium of oil companies controlling Saudi oil), pipelines, an emir, no parliament and lots of Sharia law. We can live with that.’ [9]

Continued US sponsorship of the al-Qaeda-Taliban nexus in Afghanistan was confirmed as late as 2000 in Congressional hearings. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on South Asia, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher – former White House Special Assistant to President Reagan and now Senior Member of the House International Relations Committee – declared that ‘this administration has a covert policy that has empowered the Taliban and enabled this brutal movement to hold on to power’. The assumption is that ‘the Taliban would bring stability to Afghanistan and permit the building of oil pipelines from Central Asia through Afghanistan to Pakistan’. [10] US companies involved in the project included UNOCAL and ENRON. As early as May 1996, UNOCAL had officially announced plans to build a pipeline to transport natural gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through western Afghanistan.

JPEG - 35.1 kb
This planned pipeline would carry $3-5 trillion in oil and natural gas from the Caspian Sea basin via Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, where ships docked in Arabian Sea ports.

US officials held several meetings with the Taliban from 2000 to summer 2001, in an effort to get the Taliban to agree to a joint federal government with their local enemies, the Northern Alliance, promising financial aid and international legitimacy if the deal was struck. By then, US policymakers had belatedly concluded that the Taliban would never bring the stability needed for the pipeline project. According to Pakistani Foreign Minister Niaz Naik, who was present at the meetings, US officials threatened the Taliban with military action if they failed to comply with the federalization plan. Even the date of threatened military action, October 2001, was proposed. Needless to say, the Taliban rejected the plan. [11] So months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a war on Afghanistan was already on the table. Jean-Charles Brisard, a former French intelligence officer, thus speculates that 9/11 may have been a pre-emptive attack by al-Qaeda to head off the declared US military invasion of Afghanistan. [12]

There is still keen interest in the pipeline. ‘Since the US-led offensive that ousted the Taliban from power,’ reported Forbesin 2005, ‘the project has been revived and drawn strong US support’ as it would allow the Central Asian republics to export energy to Western markets ‘without relying on Russian routes’. Then-US Ambassador to Turkmenistan Ann Jacobsen noted that: ‘We are seriously looking at the project, and it is quite possible that American companies will join it.’ [13] The problem remains that the southern section of the proposed pipeline runs through territory still de facto controlled by Taliban forces.

Mega Oil and mujahidin from the Balkans to the Caucasus

Unfortunately, we now know that US flirtations with the al-Qaeda-Taliban nexus in Afghanistan throughout the 1990s were only one moment in a much wider covert US geostrategy to secure control over strategic energy resources across the Eurasian continent, by co-opting Islamist networks affiliated with bin Laden.

In 1991, the first Bush Administration wanted an oil pipeline from Azerbaijan, across the Caucasus, to Turkey. That year, three US Air Force officers, Richard Secord (a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs), Heinie Aderholt and Ed Dearborn, landed in Baku, and set up a front company, ‘MEGA Oil’. They were veterans of previous CIA covert operations in Laos and later with Lt. Col. Oliver North’s Contra scandal. In Azerbaijan, they setup an airline to secretly fly hundreds of al-Qaeda mujahidin from Afghanistan into Azerbaijan. By 1993, MEGA Oil had recruited and armed 2,000 mujahidin, converting Baku into a base for regional jihadi operations. [14]

The covert operation contributed to the military coup that toppled elected president Abulfaz Elchibey that year, and installed US puppet Heidar Aliyev. A secret Turkish intelligence report leaked to the Sunday Times confirmed that ‘two petrol giants, BP and Amoco, British and American respectively, which together form the AIOC (Azerbaijan International Oil Consortium), are behind the coup d’état. [15]

From 1992 to 1995, the Pentagon flew thousands of al-Qaeda mujahidin from Central Asia into Europe, to fight alongside Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs. The mujahidin were ‘accompanied by US Special Forces equipped with high-tech communications equipment,’ according to intelligence sources. Bin Laden’s mercenaries were used as shock troops by the Pentagon ‘to coordinate and support Bosnian Muslim offensives’. [16] The pattern continued in Kosovo, where ethnic violence broke out between Albanians and Serbs. In 1998, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was listed by the State Department as a terrorist organization financed by bin Laden and the heroin trade. Bin Laden had sent a senior lieutenant, Muhammed al-Zawahiri (brother of al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri), to lead an élite KLA unit during the Kosovo conflict. He had direct radio contact with NATO leadership. Indeed, British SAS and American Delta Force instructors were training KLA fighters as early as 1996. The CIA supplied military assistance up to and during the 1999 bombing campaign, including military training manuals and field advice, under the cover of OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) ceasefire monitors. [17]

After the Kosovo War, when the KLA switched operations to Macedonia under the banner of the National Liberation Army (NLA), its links with al-Qaeda were as strong as ever according to US, Macedonian, Albanian and Yugoslav intelligence sources. Yet by 2001, Canadian military correspondent Scott Taylor reported after a visit to Tetovo that ‘there is no denying the massive amount of material and expertise supplied by NATO to the guerrillas’. [18]

JPEG - 73.2 kb
Proposed trans-Balkan line , from Burgas to the port of Durres in Albania.

So why the Balkans? Gen. Sir Mike Jackson, then-commander of NATO troops in the region, summed it up in 1999: ‘We will certainly stay here for a long time in order to guarantee the safety of the energy corridors which cross Macedonia.’ The General was talking about the Trans-Balkan pipeline passing through Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, planned to be a primary route to the West for Central Asian oil and gas. [19]

Around the same time, US intelligence stepped up sponsorship of al-Qaeda mujahidin in Chechnya. Chechnya is traditionally a predominantly Sufi society, yet the increasing encroachment of US-sponsored mujahidin operatives linked to Osama bin Laden transformed the character of the Chechen resistance movement, empowering al-Qaeda’s hardline Islamist ideology. US intelligence ties had been established in the early 1990s in Baku under Dick Secord’s operation, where mujahidin activities had quickly extended into Dagestan and Chechnya, turning Baku into a shipping point for Afghan heroin to the Chechen mafia. [20]

From the mid-1990s, bin Laden funded Chechen guerrilla leaders Shamil Basayev and Omar ibn al-Khattab to the tune of several millions of dollars per month, sidelining the moderate Chechen majority. [21] US intelligence remained deeply involved until the end of the decade. According to Yossef Bodanksy, then-Director of the US Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, Washington was actively involved in ‘yet another anti-Russian jihad, ‘seeking to support and empower the most virulent anti-Western Islamist forces’. US Government officials participated in ‘a formal meeting in Azerbaijan’ in December 1999 ‘in which specific programmes for the training and equipping of mujahidin from the Caucasus, Central/South Asia and the Arab world were discussed and agreed upon’, culminating in ‘Washington’s tacit encouragement of both Muslim allies (mainly Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) and US “private security companies”… to assist the Chechens and their Islamist allies to surge in the spring of 2000 and sustain the ensuing jihad for a long time.’ The US saw the sponsorship of ‘Islamist jihad in the Caucasus’ as a way to ‘deprive Russia of a viable pipeline route through spiralling violence and terrorism’. [22]

Algeria – state terrorism in disguise

Parallel covert operations were deployed in the same period in Algeria, where the army cancelled national democratic elections in 1992 that would have brought the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) to power in a landslide victory. Tens of thousands of FIS voters were rounded up into detention camps in the Sahara, while the FIS and other Islamist political parties were banned. Not long after the coup, hundreds of civilians were being mysteriously massacred by an unknown terrorist group, identified by the Algerian junta as a radical offshoot of the FIS calling itself the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). The GIA was formed largely of Algerian veterans of bin Laden’s mujahidin forces in Afghanistan who had returned in the late 1980s. [23] To date, the total death toll from the massacres by the GIA is an estimated 150,000 civilians. [24]

Yet in the late 1990s, evidence began to emerge from dissident Algerian Government and intelligence sources that the GIA atrocities were in fact perpetrated by the state. ‘Yussuf-Joseph’, a career secret agent in Algeria’s sécurité militaire for 14 years, defected to Britain in 1997 and told theGuardian that civilian massacres in Algeria, blamed on the GIA, were ‘the work of secret police and army death squads… not Islamic extremists’. GIA terrorism was ‘orchestrated’ by ‘Mohammed Mediane, head of the Algerian secret service’, and ‘General Smain Lamari’, head of ‘the counter intelligence agency’. According to Joseph: ‘The GIA is a pure product of Smain’s secret service. I used to read all the secret telexes. I know that the GIA has been infiltrated and manipulated by the Government. The GIA has been completely turned by the Government… In 1992 Smain created a special group, L’Escadron de la Mort (the Squadron of Death)… The death squads organize the massacres… The FIS aren’t doing the massacres.’

JPEG - 21.1 kb
In 1995, three terror bombings in the French public transportation system, allegedly carried out by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), killed a total of eight and injured more than 100 people.

Joseph also confirmed that Algerian intelligence agents organized ‘at least’ two of the bombs in Paris in summer 1995. ‘The operation was run by Colonel Souames Mahmoud, alias Habib, head of the secret service at the Algerian embassy in Paris.’ Joseph’s testimony has been corroborated by numerous defectors from the Algerian secret services. [25]

Western intelligence agencies are implicated. Secret British Foreign Office documents revealed in a terrorist trial in 2000 showed that ‘British intelligence believed the Algerian Government was involved in atrocities, contradicting the view the Government was claiming in public’. The documents referred to the ‘manipulation of the GIA being used as a cover to carry out their own operations’, and that ‘there was no evidence to link 1995 Paris bombings to Algerian militants’. [26]

Algeria has the fifth largest reserves of natural gas in the world, and is the second largest gas exporter, with 130 trillion proven natural gas reserves. It ranks fourteenth for oil reserves, with official estimates at 9.2 billion barrels. Approximately 90 per cent of Algeria’s crude oil exports go to Western Europe, including Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. Algeria’s major trading partners are Italy, France, the United States, Germany, and Spain.

Currently, the militant Algerian splinter group, the al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb – formerly known as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) – plays a predominant role in regional terrorist violence. Yet in a series of extensive analyses for the Review of African Political Economy, social anthropologist Dr Jeremy Keenan – Director of Sahara Studies at the University of East Anglia – documents ‘an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that the alleged spread of terrorist activities across much of the Sahelian Sahara, has indeed been an elaborate deception on the part of US and Algerian military intelligence services’. He discusses evidence that an al-Qaeda hostage-taking of European tourists in early 2003 ‘was initiated and orchestrated by elements within the Algerian military establishment’, an operation ‘condoned by the US’, and that al-Qaeda leader Ammar Saifi (also known as Abderazzak El Para, or ‘the Maghreb’s bin Laden’) ‘was “turned” by the Algerian security forces in January 2003’. [27]

Energy hegemony is a key priority. Reported al-Qaeda activity in North Africa has focused on oil-rich nations, particularly the Niger Delta, Nigeria, and Chad. Thus, in July 2003, Keenan reports, under US auspices Algeria, Chad, Niger and Nigeria ‘signed a co-operation agreement on counter-terrorism that effectively joined the two oil-rich sides of the Sahara together in a complex of security arrangements whose architecture is American’. This has now evolved into the $500 million Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Initiative, in which Algeria plays a pivotal role in US plans for future regional military deployment. The region-wide security arrangement coincides with the inauguration of a $6 billion World Bank project, the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline. [28]

Islamist extremism and the Israeli connection

Curiously, Israel has played a key role in some of these policies, starting with the involvement of Congressman Charlie Wilson, who used his position in the House Select Committee on Intelligence, gained with the support of then Senator Dick Cheney, to ramp up billions of dollars’ worth of support for both Israel and the Afghan mujahidin. [29] Gust Avracotos, the CIA’s Station Chief in Islamabad, commented that Wilson brought ‘the Israelis into the CIA’s Muslim jihad’, opening opportunities for Mossad penetration of the ISI and al-Qaeda and securing Israeli arms contracts and intelligence ties with Pakistan. [30]

Closer to home, Israel played a very similar game in its ambiguous relationship to Hamas. US Government and intelligence sources confirm that Israel provided direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas in the late 1970s as a counterbalance to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). [31] According to the Israeli military affairs experts Ze’ev Schiff and Ehud Ya’ari, at the time of the first Intifadah, Fatah ‘suspected the Israelis of a plot first to let Hamas gather strength and then to unleash it against the PLO, turning the uprising into a civil war… many Israeli staff officers believed that the rise of fundamentalism in Gaza could be exploited to weaken the power of the PLO’. [32]

Israeli support for Hamas reportedly continued even after the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993, during the period of some of the worst suicide bombings. [33] Even the late Palestinian Authority (PA) President Yassir Arafat said in 2001 that Hamas ‘continued to benefit from permits and authorizations, while we have been limited, even [for permits] to build a tomato factory… Some collaborationists of Israel are involved in these [terrorist] attacks’. [34]]

Indeed, there are indications that the Israeli assassination of Hamas leader Abu Hanoud in November 2001 was a ploy to provoke more terror bombings. Three months earlier, the Israeli Insider reported Ariel Sharon’s plan for an all-out attack on the PA to permanently destroy its infrastructure, noting that the plan would only ‘be launched immediately following the next high-casualty suicide bombing’ – which was later provoked by Israel’s extrajudicial killing of Hanoud. As Israeli military security analyst Alex Fishman noted: ‘Whoever gave a green light to this act of liquidation knew full well that he was thereby shattering in one blow the gentleman’s agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Under that agreement, Hamas was to avoid in the near future suicide bombings inside the Green Line (pre-1967 border), having come to the understanding that it would be better not to play into Israel’s hands by mass attacks on its population centres. This understanding was, however, shattered by the assassination the day before yesterday – and whoever decided upon the liquidation of Abu knew in advance that that would be the price. The subject had been extensively discussed both by the military and the political echelon, before it was decided to carry out the liquidation.’ [35]

JPEG - 23.9 kb
PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat; 1929 – 2004.

Elements of the Israeli far-right, including senior cabinet officials, recognized that the plan to destroy the PA would facilitate the rise of Hamas. In an Israeli Cabinet meeting in December 2001, for instance, one minister declared: ‘Between Hamas and Arafat, I prefer Hamas.’ He added that Arafat is a ‘terrorist in a diplomat’s suit, while Hamas can be hit unmercifully… there won’t be any international protests’. [36]

Ties with terror

Islamist terrorism cannot be understood without acknowledging the extent to which its networks are being used by Western military intelligence services, both to control strategic energy resources and to counter their geopolitical rivals. Even now, nearly a decade after 9/11, covert sponsorship of al-Qaeda networks continues. In recent dispatches for the New Yorker, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh cites US Government and intelligence officials’ confirmation that the CIA and the Pentagon have funnelled millions of dollars via Saudi Arabia to al-Qaeda affiliated Sunni extremist groups, across the Middle East and Central Asia. The policy, which Hersh says began in 2003, has spilled over into regions like Iraq and Lebanon, fuelling Sunni-Shi’a sectarian conflict. [37] The programme is part of a drive to counter Iranian Shi’a influence in the region. In early 2008, a US Presidential Finding to Congress corroborated Hersh’s reporting, affirming CIA funding worth $400 million to diverse anti-Shi’a extremist and terrorist groups. This was not contested by any Democratic members of the House. [38] Now, President Obama has retained Bush’s Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, as his own. Yet Gates was the architect of the covert strategy against Iran. To date, Obama has given no indication that this strategy will change. The history outlined here throws into doubt our entire understanding of the ‘war on terror’. How can we fight a war against an enemy that our own governments are covertly financing for short-sighted geopolitical interests?

If the ‘war on terror’ is to end, it won’t be won by fighting the next futile oil war. It will be won at home by holding the secretive structures of government to account and prosecuting officials for aiding and abetting terrorism – whether knowingly or by criminal negligence. Ultimately only this will rein in the ‘security’ agencies that foster the ‘enemy’ we are supposed to be fighting.

 Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
One of the world’s foremost authorities in terrorism and conflict analysisis. He is Executive Director of theInstitute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD) in London, and an Associate Tutor in the School of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex, Brighton. He is the bestselling author of The War on Freedom: How & Why America was Attacked: September 11, 2001, 2002, one of the first books to critique the official narrative of 9/11 which won him the Naples Prize, Italy’s most prestigious literary award, in 2003.
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