Monday, December 29, 2008

The number two Mossad chief responsible for the United States and Canada is Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel....

The number two Mossad chief responsible for the United States and Canada is Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel.

"..The Mossad is known to keep extensive files on embarrassing information to use later to blackmail individuals. "

We learned from a former high-level Jewish official of the Clinton administration who has extensive contacts with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that the number two Mossad chief responsible for the United States and Canada is Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel, the prospective Chief of Staff for Barack Obama. With Mossad's files at his disposal, Emanuel is in a position to blackmail politicians involved in Mossad's past "honey trap" operations, including the 1982 call boy network, which saw Israeli intelligence agents buying information from the pedophile prostitution services."

I always felt that Nancy Pelosi is being blackmailed for her husband, as well as Dianne Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum.

I believe there should be a special Congressional inquiry or Committee with subpoena power to investigate 1. Sibel Edmonds charges against Israel and the Turkish lobby
2. Israel espionage and sexpionage and blackmail of US politicians, including Clinton with his Swallow Monica Lewinsky, McGreevy's Raven, and of course the Condit murdered worker, when Condit was in Dick Cheney's office at the exact hour. There is much to be revealed here.

3. What Chertoff knows about 9-11

4. What Israel Mossad was involved in during 9-11

5. Conspiracy of Silence, Franklin Scandal involving call boys in the White House needs to be reopened.

6. What AG Gonzales was covering up in Texas Youth Prisons and child abuse

7. What sexual child abuse was going on in STRAIGHT, a camp that punished children and child sexual abuse was ignored, owned by a GOP major contributor and Ambassador
SEXUAL PREDATORS IN WASHINGTON DC MUST BE EXPOSED, and the sexual habits of Congress must be not blackmail material.

That is how MOSSAD, ISRAEL rules the world.
Mukasey must be exposed too, for his cover-up activities. And we need to know about Waco, Texas, organized child abuse, and why the US government killed children to cover it all up. Who was the general in charge? He ran for president the year the Clintons didn't so he was their stalking horse for Hillary.

And we need to know about Bush Sr. during the Kennedy assassination in Dallas.

And we need to know about Bush Sr. activities with boys in the Franklin Scandal.

And we need to know Jim Jones and his biological experiments in Guyana. The US Government is our government.
Remove the Corporations hold over our government. Remove Israel, a terrorists states' hold off of our United States government officials by blackmail.

Blackmail of our politicians is what keeps Israelis grip on our country and its purse.
March 27, 2007 -- BREAKING STORY. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' "loyal Bushie" U.S. Attorney for Western Texas covered up a major pedophile scandal with the connivance of the Justice Department's Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division

March 28, 2007 -- Where was Attorney General Alberto Gonzales yesterday as a pedophile scandal swirled around his department and the US Attorney for West Texas?
The Profit of SuckerVille (Illuminati Plantation Part 2) ....

what if there was nobody "clean enough" to have a hearing. What if
all the Judges and Lawyers were just as Corrupt as the people
they would "interrogate". Something Apocolipso about all this.
June 25, 2007 -- Another case of a neo-con link to pedophilia

Our German sources have pointed out an interesting and, increasingly common, link between the global neo-con movement and pedophilia. It turns out that a German language blog called "Campo de Criptana," the Spanish village from where Don Quixote set out in his quest, is linked to individuals who advocate sex with children. In fact, one person associated with the blog, which also features anti-Muslim, neocon diatribes, has a criminal record for distributing child pornography. Another person linked to the blog is often consulted as an expert on "anti-Americanism" in Europe by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

A few months ago, then-French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, stated that he thought people were born as pedophiles, causing a stir among the French electorate. The right-wing Chilean dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet was linked to pedophilia through its close links with a secretive village for children called Colonia Dignidad. This editor has discovered a pedophilia ring operating among the most neocon ranks of the U.S. foreign service, mostly in Southeast Asia and South Asia. In one case, there is a reported pedophilia link between an American active among Cambodian youth and a top level State Department official, as well as a long-time CIA journalistic asset in Asia. We have also discovered a group of GOP congressmen who have gone on repeated overnight trips with underage males between the ages of 13 and 17 and another group of Republican congressmen who have gone on an inordinate number of congressional junkets to Southeast Asia.

The German blogosphere is now using a new term for pedophile neocons: "pedo-cons." "
November 14-16, 2008 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Federal government wastes money on do-nothing programs to combat child sex slavery

Perhaps it is not surprising from an Attorney General like Michael Mukasey who favors Inquisition-era torture tactics such as "waterboarding," but the "Attorney General's Annual Report to Congress and Assessment of the U.S. Government Activities to Combat Trafficking in Persons Fiscal Year 2007," dated May 2008, a copy of which has been obtained by WMR, is heavy on millions of dollars paid to various public and private entities in the cause of combating trafficking but light on law enforcement to shut down the international pipelines that see thousands of children sold into sex slavery every year.

The Attorney General's report covers what the Justice Department is doing to enforce the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, which expands the crimes and enhances the penalties available to prosecutors to combat the trafficking of persons domestically and globally.

The report quotes President George W. Bush in its introduction: "Human trafficking is an offense against human dignity, a crime in which human beings, many of them teenagers and young children, are bought and sold and often sexually abused by violent criminals. Our nation is determined to fight and end this modern form of slavery."

However, as evidenced in the Attorney General's report, the Bush administration has lined the pockets of a number of "faith-based" organizations and private contractors in its anti-trafficking program.

In addition, recipients of anti-trafficking money include organizations that have reported connections with perpetrators, including U.S. intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA. The International Rescue Committee (IRC), which has had a long history of connections with the CIA and has counted Ronald Reagan's Vice Chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Leo Cherne, Reagan CIA director William Casey, U.S. Information Agency and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty head John Richardson, and Henry Kissinger among its principals.

The very same U.S. intelligence community that has sponsored child prostitution networks in Southeast Asia and the Balkans is also involved in tracking the smuggling of children through its participation in the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center (HSTC), described in the Attorney General's report as a "joint venture of government experts from the prosecutorial, law enforcement, policy, intelligence, and diplomatic areas teamed to combat trafficking in persons, migrant smuggling, and clandestine terrorist travel." This center combines U.S. foreign service personnel with CIA agents, the deadly combination that has seen U.S. diplomatic outposts, particularly in Southeast and South Asia, used to provide cover for pedophile VIP visits for purposes of sex tourism and pedophile U.S. diplomats.

Aid agencies, according to the Attorney General's report, have received funds from the U.S. government to combat child trafficking. Yet, according to the July 22, 1999 Guardian, an orphanage in Ethiopia founded by the Swiss charity Terres des hommes "became the target for pedophiles, men who knew how easy it would be to abuse their positions of power and trust."

In 2007, Terre des hommes received $443,000 from USAID for an anti-child trafficking program in Albania.

A recipient of anti-trafficking funds from the CIA cipher, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), is The Asia Foundation, a past CIA cover organization. The Asia Foundation is receiving money for an anti-trafficking program in five provinces of pedophile-plagued Vietnam. Other USAID funds have gone to Hagar International, a Swiss Christian organization based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for anti-trafficking activities in India, Nepal, and Vietnam.

In June 1987, Joseph Verbeeck, the head of the Belgian office of UNICEF, was arrested for involvement in a large pedophile and child pornography ring. USAID granted UNICEF funds to reintegrate boys and girls, forced into sexual trafficking, into their communities in Ituri in northeastern Congo. The area is plagued by Ugandan and Rwandan troops, backed by U.S. CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency agents, who are the main perpetrators in the child trafficking.

Justice Department Civil Rights Division personnel have used the anti-trafficking law to participate in boondoggles to other countries ostensibly to engage in "outreach" missions. Countries visited include Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Malawi, Tanzania, Austria, Bulgaria, and Hungary. Not to be outdone, attorneys for the Criminal Division, Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, traveled to Nepal, Indonesia, and China to present "anti-human trafficking training" seminars. Boondoggling personnel of the Justice Department's Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance, and Training (OPDAT), courtesy of funds from USAID and Justice, flew to Georgia, Indonesia, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Bulgaria, Nepal, and Azerbaijan for more "outreach."

The dubious International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), a program with CIA fingerprints all over it, used anti-trafficking funds from the pedophile-plagued State Department, as well as USAID, to conduct training boondoggles in Albania, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon, Gambia, Madagascar, Uganda, Tanzania, the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra, and Malaysia.

The same Department of Homeland Security attaché office at the U.S. embassy in Bangkok that provided John Mark Karr with the business class plane ticket and a phony story about his killing Jon Benet Ramsey to spirit him away from a Thai trial in a sex sting case had the temerity to give seven presentations to 270 members of the Royal Thai police on "forced child labor, sexual exploitation, the use of the internet to commit crimes against children, human trafficking and smuggling of women and children."

More outrageous is a 24-hour hotline called the National Human Trafficking Resource Center that is funded through the Department of Health and Human Services. The prime contractor for the hotline is defense contractor Lockheed Martin Aspen Systems Corporation. The subcontractor is Covenant House. Covenant House was founded by Father Bruce Ritter, a Catholic priest, for homeless teenagers. Ritter resigned from the organization and the Franciscan order in 1990 after allegations that he had sexual relations with young teens at the Covenant House shelter.

World Hope International, a faith-based aid organization headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, received $1,300,000 from USAID for anti-trafficking activities in Cambodia. Among its directors is a Vice President of AIG, the insurance giant that is being bailed out by the American taxpayers and one that WMR previously linked to CIA activities in Asia and a retired President of Lockheed Martin Space Mission Systems.

The CIA-linked World Vision received $300,000 for anti-trafficking efforts in Laos. World Vision has, for quite some time, been linked to CIA activities at Jonestown, Guyana; the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon (the site of the 1982 massacre of refugees by Israeli IDF, Sayyaret Metkal's forces and Lebanese SLA forces); and Cuban refugee camps in the United States. The father of would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John W. Hinckley, Jr., John W. Hinckley, Sr. was the chairman of the board of World Vision and John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman once worked at a World Vision-run refugee camp in Arkansas..."
The Profit of SuckerVille (Illuminati Plantation Part 2) ......

you know the best was to have a LEGAL system which is suppose to
be based on rules and logic should be a Computer Judge. Where
certain criteria is entered and the Justice would be Fair and
Balanced. You notice how some bad Wall Street Paper stealers
like to "donate" the people's money so as to mitigate their
"sentence". Its like el fraudo somebody then take some of the
ill gotten gains and donate money to a Cause and make sure every-
body knows you are a GIVER. ha,ha we call this a Double Fraudo
July 24-25, 2008 -- UPDATED 1X. The GOP and Israelis running honey traps?
March 18, 2008 -- NY prostitution ring's Israel links talk of town but not of media
February 15-17, 2008 -- SPECIAL REPORT. The US security umbrella for child trafficking in Southeast Asia
Bush regime covers up abuse of children...

October 29, 2007 -- Child trafficking scandal linked to Elysee Palace
Sarkozy, who shocked France with his views on pedophilia...

January 28, 2008 --Boyce never took action against abuse of children in northern Thailand
US ambassador was a status quo enthusiast on plight of...

February 7, 2008 - Sarkozy blackmails Chad government to pardon child abductors in return for military aid
French and American intelligence abets...

July 21, 2008 -- Children and Armed Conflict
Child victims of conflict and child...

November 14-16, 2008 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Federal government wastes money on do-nothing programs to combat child sex slavery
Contractors cashing in on global child...

May 30, 2006 -- Washington sources report that the massacre of innocent civilians, including women and children, at Haditha, Iraq in November 2005 is not the only incident in which U.S. and allied forces conducted war crimes

July 25, 2006 -- On July 22, WMR first reported that white phosphorous, a substance that burns through the skin of its victims, was being used against Lebanese civilians, including children, by Israeli forces.

Sep. 29, 2006 -- Involvement of Bush Republicans in pedophilia and child prostitution back in news

FASCISTS ARE PERVERTS, by definition Do FUSION Centers record all our info for Israelis blackmail? Ask Israelis citizens Chertoff and Mukasey. Ask Rahm Emanuel.
Is Rahm Emanuel our new Mossad insider, like Libby?
When will our politicians we elect to protect us protect us from Israel's insiders who blackmail our politicians?