Saturday, October 16, 2010

JEWISH CONTROL OF THE MEDIA is a convenient tool for the "Western" World...

Daniel Cohen

Danny Cohen, who is Jewish, is to take charge of BBC1, the UK's largest TV channel.

Cohen appears to know what kind of role models he wants for kids....

Cohen is famous for shows such as (1) Snog, Marry, Avoid (2) Hotter Than My Daughter (3) Celebrity Big Brother (4) Skins and (5) The Inbetweeners.

Watch this:

Skins is a show involving school kids taking drink and drugs.

The Inbetweeners depicts kids being crude towards girls, getting drunk and breaking the law.

You will find the same scheme....all over the Western World....and it's no accident at all, it is all done in cahoots with all Western Intelligence agencies....from USA to Canada, Australia, Europe in General and elsewhere....
Danny Cohen was educated at Oxford University's Lady Margaret Hall, which also educated Baroness Manningham-Buller DCB, former Director General MI5.

Richard Desmond

A Jewish 'pornographer', with alleged links to Mafia figures, is taking over more of the UK media.

On 23 July 2010, Richard Desmond bought the UK television channel, Five.

In the UK, Richard Desmond publishes such magazines as Asian Babes, Penthouse, Big Ones, Eros, Forum, Horny Housewives, Only 18 and Mothers-in-Law.

Desmond's TV channels include Television X and Red Hot TV.

Desmond owns the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, OK! magazine, New! magazine and others.

In 2005, it was reported that Desmond was caught up in a pornographic telephone and internet scam.

Desmond got death threats from the mafia, according to documents from a court case in New York.

"Court papers suggest that a deal, whereby companies which later turned out to be mafia-linked, placed advertisements in Mr Desmond's top-shelf magazines in Britain went so badly wrong that a 'soldier' from the Gambino crime family flew to London to issue a warning to Mr Desmond." (Mafia told Desmond: we'll kill you over porn deal.)

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World's Media / The true perpetrators of 9/11 are the very group you cannot criticize

It looks increasingly as if there might really be a Jewish plan to control the world? (The Zionist Plan and US Military Intelligence.)

Here is the plan by the "Learned Elders of Zion," laid down in the "Protocols." (LATEST EVIDENCE ON THE VERACITY OF THIS DOCUMENT)

We shall:

1. Seduce and demoralize youth with false doctrines.

2. Destroy the family life.

3. Dominate humanity by preying upon their lower instincts and vices.

aangirfan: Marc Dutroux

4. Debase and vulgarize Art, and introduce filth in Literature.

5. Destroy respect for religions; undermine the reputation of the clergy through scandalous stories and back up the so called "Higher Criticism" so that the old fundamental faith is shattered and quarrels and controversies become permanent in the churches.

6. Introduce the habit for luxuries, crazy fashions and spendthrift ideas so that the ality for enjoying clean and plain pleasures is lost.

7. Divert the attention of the people by public amusements, sports, games, prize contests, etc., so that there is no time for thinking.

8. Confuse and bewilder the minds of the people by false theories and shatter the nerves and health by continuously introducing new poisons.

9. Instigate hatred and class war among the different classes of people.

10. Dispossess the old Aristocracy, and replace it.


11. Poison the relations between the employees and employers through strikes and lockouts so as to ruin the possibility of productive co-operation.

Red Robbo prior to the collapse of the UK car industry.

12. Demoralize by all means the higher classes of society and by adverse publicity raise the hate of the people toward them.

13. Use industry to ruin agriculture and then in its turn destroy industry by wild speculation.

14. Spread all possible utopian theories so as to bring the people into a labyrinth of impractical ideas.

Blavatsky and Olcott.

15. Raise the rate of wages, which however will not bring any advantage to the workers for at the same time we shall produce a rise in the price of the first necessities of life.

16. Cause diplomatic friction and misunderstanding between States which will increase international suspicions and hate thereby greatly augmenting armaments.

India versus Pakistan.

aangirfan: Sri Lanka, Mossad, the CIA, drugs and arms dealers.


17. Gradually amend all constitutions so as to prepare the soil for absolute despotism.

18. Establish huge monopolies upon which even the great fortunes of the Gentiles will depend to such an extent that they will be swallowed up at the "hour" when the industrial crisis will start.

19. Destroy all financial stability; increase economic depressions to the extent of bringing a general world bankruptcy; stop the wheels of industry; make bonds, stocks and paper money worthless; accumulate all the gold of the world in the hands of a certain few people thus withdrawing tremendous capital from circulation; at a given hour close all the exchanges, withdraw all credits and cause general panic.

20. Prepare the death struggle of the nations; wear out humanity through suffering, fear and shortage of food - hunger creates slaves!