Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lights, Camera… Covert Action: The Deep Politics of Hollywood

If you translate belief systems into graphs on an XYZ axis (Value
Data Action) axes. and then use multi-variable differential equations
to describe the topology you have created with the plot, you have
effectively described the belief system mathematically and with
precision. Then the problem becomes manipulating the multi-variable
differential equations to achieve a topology that will "fit" (be
believable) one or two points over the natural topology you have
described. Once you have the shape, you translate back to value,
data, action points and fit the new artificial topology over the
natural topology. In this way you go from biometrics to mathematics
topology to artificial biometrics and precisely bamboozle your
Political problems manifest themselves as eddies and whirlpools in the
normal, traditional political belief systems that can be mapped by
taking a large body of speeches, testimony, legal text and using a
computer to distill patterns of value data and actions into points on
an x, y, and z axis. Once the patterns are distilled and a topology
is created, a series of multivariable differential equations can be
used to describe the belief system as mapped in the three dimensional
Then, "counter topology" that dynamically cancels the eddies and
whirlpools which occur during political conflict can be mathematically
described in a relatively simple process by mathematicians. . This
counter-topology is mapped above, below, and through the belief
topology. Once the shape and dynamic nature of the counter-topology
is mathematically calculated, then a "reverse map" is done using the
exact opposite process that created the traditional belief system
topology. These "counter x,y, z" points (value, data, action points)
then can be manually strung together to create believable actions,
data, and values which will cancel the political problem occurring in
the traditional political belief systems. In this way a new political
science is born...
At the Seeley G. Mudd Library of Lawrence University in Appleton
Wisconsin, there is a PhD. Thesis titled "From Sandal makers to
Citizens: Recent Developments in Japan's Outcaste Minority" which
utilized the University of Michigan's IBM 360 to develop basic
topologies of the Japanese Government and the Buraku Kaiho Domeai
(Buraku Liberation League). This pioneering work has set the tone
for further research at the CIA. Though created in 1977, it stands
alone as a monument of original Political Science methodology and the
use of higher math to solve complex topological problems in Political
Science. From this original work, the CIA2 has developed its political
interdiction science and has changed the face of the political